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What To Wear for Professional Headshots

Ask yourself these questions first.

1. What's my brand? Specific colors, style, props

2. How do I want to be represented? Professional, candid, personal.

3. What do I want for my background? One color, outdoors, office setting.

4. Do I want more of a lifestyle branding session or traditional headshot?

5. What will I use the image for? Marketing, social media, newsletter, acting, modeling.

These questions can help guide you in what to wear.

Your clothing should represent who you are as a professional. If you never wear a suit I wouldn’t wear one in your headshot.

Wear something that you would wear for a nice occasion. Make sure it goes with your personality, brand and background setting.

If your brand colors are gray and black. I would maybe have a black background with a light gray suit or gray sweater.

Avoid bright colors unless it’s part of your brand.

Have an idea of what colors look good on you.

Think simple. Keep jewelry minimal and not too big. You want to draw attention to your face not your clothes or jewelry.

Solid and neutral colors are best. Avoid big patterns, stripes and anything that distracts from your face.

Wear something you are comfortable in because your confidence will show through.

Headshots are typically from your waist up so you only have to concentrate on your top half.

Avoid anything low cut, too tight or sleeves that are not flattering.

You want to be true to you and let your personality show through.

In Conclusion

Do Wear

  • neutral colors

  • colors you know look good on you

  • something you are comfortable in

  • minimal and simple jewelry

  • something that represents you and your brand

Avoid Wearing

  • big patterns or anything that distracts from you

  • low cut or tight clothing

  • bright colors (unless it's part of your brand)

  • big jewelry

  • sleeveless

These are some common guidelines but sometimes if patterns or big jewelry fits you and your style then you should wear them.

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